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Apr 24

I'll always remember Bette's magnificent smile, sense of humor and so much love of the Lord in her heart that she gladly shared.


Jun 01, 2023

My Dear Bette. My other mother who believed in and cared for me. Loved our Moms and Elaine getting together for an evening of precious meals at Bridgman's.


Jan 20, 2023

I will always carry in my heart a deep and lasting love for Bette. I met Bette when I was 16 years old and lived close to her in North St Paul Minnesota. After I became a Christian, she mentored me and became my true spiritual mother. I spent many days at her home drinking coffee and talking about God. We spent many evenings at Embers Restaurant while her husband, Marvin, was at work at the Post Office. Betty also was very helpful in bringing other people to church and helping them on their path to know God better. She opened her home to a Monday night youth Bible study (from my high school), and often there was only sitting room left on the floor, because of all the hunger for God during those days among young people. She laid spiritual foundations in my life which have proved to be faithful over the past 50+ years, as I have continued to walk with God. I thought of Bette as my real mother. Bette was full of love and good works, and lived a full Christian life..

I am thankful for her son, Bradley, for taking good care of her in her later years. I am also blessed that her daughter, Elaine, initially brought me to the Lord and brought me into her beautiful family, and was also my friend. The whole Ditman family is very precious to me.

I send my love and condolences to everyone who knew Bette, and I say to Bette in heaven, "Thank you, Bette, for being my Spiritual mother. I love you very much"

Gwen (Vander Wyst) Cattron

Bette's spiritual daughter and friend

Mom In Restaurant July 4 2018-1.jpg

Bette Dittman - 1924 to 2022

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